About us

“It’s not about affection. It’s about affinity, who follows the other’s dream, and that dream becomes unique. This is why Jeminè is born.
From the Greek “gemini”, our origins and our duplicity; the Greek tiles, two and specular, our blunt complementarity; that initial touch “J” of peculiarities and that final touch “è” of our essence, or rather multi-essence.

Because you live all squared, through two visions, mine and yours”.

The company

Jeminé was born in April 2019, as the result of a project by two twin sisters, Luisa and Valentina. 
From Calabria, in the Southern Italy, they came in Milan where lived for 9 years: here they concluded their Economic studies and started work in the consulting world, to then enter into their family company.

Finally, the sharing of their dream, which becomes a brand: a strong creative spirit, an innate passion for fashion, which combined with the quality of Made in Italy, the use of exclusively natural products and attention to the environment (that have always been part of their working reality), give life to Jeminé.

“As they say, opposites attract, and from such we are and have always been great accomplices of life. Our pieces reflect ourselves, our personality. Every single model tells us who we are. It’s the symbol of how every woman can simultaneously see herself in several forms and live different moods. Each model has been made by us with the intent of giving you an “experience”, one state of mind: a sophisticated but also extravagant woman, a woman who through simplicity is able to be strongly sensual, a woman with soft curves that recalls great beauty, an elegant woman through details, without ever falling into the vulgar. This is the “symbiosis” that we intend to give you: a woman in her “multi-essence”.

Our experience is yours.
That every single collection can give you an emotion in which you can reflect yourself”.

Luisa e Valentina

Jeminé 2020


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