About us

Origins, tradition, south, culture.

Openness to the world, visions, innovation.

And then, Dream.

Jeminè tells a story, in which southern Italian traditions are dedicated to modern visions of the world, which grows, evolves dynamically.

«It’s not about affection. It’s about affinity, which follows the other’s dream and that dream becomes unique. «

That’s the reason why Jeminé was born. From the Greek “gemini”, our origins and our duplicity; the Greek tiles, two and mirrored, our complementarity; that initial “J” touch of internationality and that final touch “is” of our essence, or rather multi-essence. 

«..because you live everything squarely, through two visions, mine and yours.»

Every single model tells a women’s story. It’s the symbol of how every woman can simultaneously see herself in several forms and live different moods. Each model has been made by us with the intent of giving you an “experience”, one state of mind: a sophisticated but also extravagant woman, a woman who through simplicity is able to be strongly sensual, a woman with soft curves that recalls great beauty, an elegant woman through details, without ever falling into the vulgar. This is the “symbiosis” that we intend to give you: a woman in her “multi-essence”.

The hand-made crochet of the 16° century, the hands of the ladies who with heart and passion give a totally handmade and accurate work, and behind each piece, there is a thought, an emotion, a moment of life that every woman tells.

An intangible, emotional value. Authentic indeed.

And so tradition becomes innovation:

Yarns woven and worked with care, we want to tell them to women who love Italian fashion, of timeless Prêt-à-Porter.

Tradition that is enhanced in a concept of natural luxury: raw materials and hands give life to a garment to be worn in its naturalness, from the material to the workmanship, to the finished garment. This is the Made in Italy of Jeminè.

True, authentic Made in Italy, without machines, but only with hands and yarns, worked in the air, facing the sea.

Identify yourself, imagine yourself, free yourself.

Feel the essence, in our pluri-essence that each garment I hope will give you.

“To every woman, in her singular and authentic beauty.«



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